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Marvel’s Jessica Jones – S1E8 – AKA WWJD

Previously on Jessica Jones, ‘AKA Top Shelf Perverts’

Honestly, if it wasn’t so creepy, it would almost be sweet the way Kilgrave has rebuilt Jessica’s childhood home. He found the exact same couch and he used a magnifying glass to get the exact same CDs she had as a teenager.

Okay, no. It’s creepy. It’s just plain creepy.

While Kilgrave has Jessica sort of locked in her childhood home, Trish is left to wonder where Jessica and Simpson, who followed Kilgrave and Jessica, have gone. She stakes out Simpson’s home where he tries to talk her into letting the supers do their thing.

Kilgrave shows a bit of a softer side only for Jessica. He defends her to the rude/nosy neighbor and allows her to see a little of what makes him tick. He pulls out the flash drive that was the end of Luke’s wife, and on it are videos of the scientific, psychological, and surgical tests his parents put him through, and the origins of his abilities. He also allows her to show him how to be a hero, and in the process realizes that his powers can be harnessed for good, but only if she is willing to be his constant companion and dictate his actions.

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Jessica’s realization that she will basically have to stay with Kilgrave forever forces her to make a choice, and she is able to incapacitate Kilgrave and take him away. She leaves Simpson and some of his Army buddies behind only to have rude/nosy neighbor deliver a bomb which leaves Simpson bleeding on the ground.


• Jessica has a lot of flashbacks to the day her family died and even a very unpleasant nightmare in which they blame her for their deaths.

Superpowers Displayed

• Jessica and Kilgrave work together to save a family being held hostage.

• We get to see Jessica’s jumping in action as she jumps out of the confrontation she finds herself in over whether or not Kilgrave should be killed.

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