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Killing Eve – S2E1 – Do You Know How to Dispose of a Body?

Season two of Killing Eve picks up mere seconds after Eve stabbed Villanelle and Villanelle shot at her before disappearing. Eve is smart enough to quickly leave as well, just as cleaners sent by Villanelle’s bosses arrive to erase all signs of existence — and that includes the little old lady paid to spy on Villanelle.

While Eve is summoned by to London by Carolyn, Villanelle wanders through the streets of Paris barely keeping her insides on the inside. She fakes getting hit by a cab in order for the driver to take her to the hospital, which he does… and dumps on the curb of the emergency entrance.

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Floating in and out of consciousness, Villanelle spins a tale of being the battered wife of a police detective in order to keep the the doctor from reporting her attack right away. She also tries to work money out of the victim of a car crash — a young boy named Gabriel — sharing the room with her. This is because Villanelle is smart and in survival mode.

But she’s also a psychopath and views Eve stabbing her as a sign of love. She tells Gabriel she’s going to “visit her girlfriend London” as soon as she can.

Meanwhile, Eve is doing some disassociation of her own. At home, she makes an elaborate dinner for Niko, as though the last time they saw each other she didn’t hit him. He’s no fool, and after a failed attempt to get her to open up about what happened in Russia, he tells her he understands if she needs to continue working on the Villanelle case.

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This works out well for Eve because it’s not long before Carolyn has her consulting on the death of a reclusive internet tycoon who may have been one of Villanelle’s victim. Turns out his name was on the note Nadia addressed to Eve before she died. Not knowing whether Villanelle is alive or dead, and keeping Carolyn in the dark as to what really happened in Paris, Eve eagerly begins to process the clues.

Killer Bits

The only thing more disturbing than how casually Carolyn reveals her father was a pedophile was how casually Villanelle snapped Gabriel’s neck when he said he didn’t want to live with a disfigured face. We know he was just a young kid trying to process a traumatic event (he lost his parents in the same car crash), but Villanelle mind doesn’t work that way. To her, she did him a solid.

I find Niko’s understanding a bit too convenient, but Eve’s refusal to tell him the truth is frustrating. Also, she finally asked Carolyn the questions I wanted to hear last season (What’s the deal with Konstantin? Are you in The Twelve?), but Carolyn won’t answer because she knows Eve is lying about whatever really happened in Paris. Also frustrating.

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Killing Eve – S2E1 – Do You Know How to Dispose of a Body?

Killing Eve – S2E1 – “Do You Know to Dispose of a Dead Body?” | Starring: Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer, Owen McDonnell, Fiona Shaw

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