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Killing Eve – S2E2 – Nice and Neat

Previously on Killing Eve, “Do You Know How to Dispose of a Body?”

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Let’s chalk Villanelle’s poor decisions up to the fact that she’s still nursing a stab wound and her pain meds were stolen while she slept in a laundromat, shall we?

She picked the worst mark possible: Julian, a single white male who appeared to be goofy and lonely, but who, in actuality, was a bit of a psychopath in his own right. After stowing herself away in the trunk of a family’s car, Villanelle finds herself in a small suburb outside of London where she meets Julian in a supermarket. She convinces him she needs a safe place to stay in order to escape an abusive stepfather.

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He takes her to the quaint home he shares with his elderly mother — who has dementia — and dozens of creepy-ass dolls. It’s not long before Eve realizes she’s stuck with a madman who locks her in the house all day and refuses to get her the medicine she needs.

Meanwhile, firmly working with MI6 again, Eve finds a news story on Gabriel’s death and knows it’s Villanelle’s doing. She keeps this to herself. Later, she and Kenny figure out that a new, more cautious assassin has taken Villanelle’s place; she’s practically a ghost, able to move around her in victim’s world without being noticed. The children of the murdered tech tycoon confirm that their father’s beautician — the only strange woman in the house the day he died — looks nothing like Villanelle.

Photo Credit: Parisa Taghizadeh/BBCAmerica

While Julian runs an errand, Villanelle places a call to her The Twelve contact but her codename and phrase are denied. She’s genuinely confused as she completed her last mission: killing Konstantin. Bleeding and with nowhere else to turn, she calls MI6 for Eve, but can’t get through. She leaves a furious message instead.

When Julian finds out Villanelle used his phone, things get physical. Despite her injuries, Villanelle manages to stab Julian in the neck. As she watches him bleed out:

“This is what you get, Julian.”

Photo Credit: Parisa Taghizadeh/BBCAmerica

Outside the house, Villanelle spots a car signaling to her with its headlights. It’s her new handler and he’s a bit of an asshole.

Still, for now at least, Villanelle is safe. As their car drives off, Villanelle sees Eve and Carolyn (they traced the call to MI6) arrive. With Julian’s body still warm, Eve realizes she came thisclose to catching Villanelle.

Carolyn takes Eve to her home where she reveals Konstantin, alive and well.

I knew it!

Killer Bits

The fact that Eve doesn’t tell Niko he’s in danger bothers me. Carolyn once again offers up protection when they’re sure Villanelle is back, and Eve accepts. But she should have done this from the beginning instead of sending Niko off with a cryptic, “Be careful.”

Interesting that Kenny is only one Eve told the truth about Paris. He’s also the one who backs her up when she insists their MI6 team continue to focus on Villanelle while they investigate the ghost assassin.

It was a little rough seeing Villanelle beaten by two men in back-to-back scenes, even if she did get the best of one of them. It still felt gross.

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Killing Eve – S2E2 – "Nice and Neat"

Killing Eve – S2E2 – “Nice and Neat” | Starring: Jodie Comer, Sandra Oh, Fiona Shaw, Owen McDonnell, Sean Delaney

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