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Legion – S2E2 – Chapter 10

Previously on Legion, “Chapter 9″

I’m not sure I like David Haller. I remember feeling this way early in season one, when I wasn’t sure I could trust anything he said or did. Or anything that his mind showed me. Now, I know that the other characters, people who’ve come to trust and rely on him, shouldn’t believe what he says and does. He has his reasons — his love for Sydney — but I’m not sure I understand or even like that relationship either. It’s juvenile and unhealthy, and much like last season, I suspect others will end up paying the price for the things David will do in its name.

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Because he loves Syd (does he, though?), and trusts her (does he?), David meets with Oliver and Lenny and agrees to help Farouk find his body. Their first plan involves David leading Ptonomy, Vermillion, and Syd out of Division 3 as a diversion to get Lenny and Oliver inside. Despite their assurances that no one would get hurt, people get hurt; this includes Cary/Kerry being weirdly fused together with him on the inside… except his arm protrudes from her chest. Oliver appears to a sleeping Melanie and tells her that the key to finding Farouk’s body is a monk of the Mi-Go order. The Mi-Gos (not to be confused with Migos) hid Farouk’s body after his mind was defeated. Since the Mi-Gos were wiped out by “Miser Sunday”, finding this monk appears to be impossible. Except by episode’s end we see the monk with the affected people in the bowels of Division 3.

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It would be easier to root for David if he wasn’t such a dick about everything. When Syd accuses him of keeping secrets (he is!), he goes into full gaslight mode and says any weird vibes are coming from her since she’s been without him for a year, but for him it’s just been a day. Asshole.

David lies to Cary/Kerry to get in the tank under the guise of searching for Farouk, but really to talk to Future Syd. He feels bad about people dying because he followed her orders. The meeting falls into soap opera territory when he asks, “Can I see you again?” Ugh. Focus, David.

David finally meets Amahl Farouk (David Negahban) in his true form. He taunts David for not tapping into his full potential. They are like gods. As the Beatles said, “Bigger than Jesus.” Kinda hard to argue against that with a man who has cheated death by taking over the body and minds of others for decades.

The biggest development, for me, is the reveal that Lenny — the real one — is still in there chilling with Farouk. And she wants out. Now that he and David are communicating like grown-ups, she’d like to be released. When he points out that her body went all Han Solo in ‘Empire’, she reasons he could easily get her another one. Whether or not he can is unknown, but it sure seems as though he doesn’t want to.

Also, Future Syd says that Present David is like he used to be. Sweet. And that he kills Farouk in the desert a week from now. David’s about to go all asshole villain, isn’t he?

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"Chapter 10"

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