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Legion – S2E3 – Chapter 11

Previously on Legion, “Chapter 10”

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Mazes in the mind and mazes in the halls of Division 3. That’s what happens when the Mi-Go monk escapes quarantine. While visiting with Farouk once more — and as Lenny hilariously tries to shuffle off this (im)mortal coil — David learns that it is the monk who’s responsible for The Catalyst; not Farouk. Farouk was tracking the monk and Division 3 was tracking him. The assumption was a mistake easy enough to make. With the monk loose, David rushes back and finds the entire Division has been infected save the children guards who are being led around by the monk Pied Piper style.

David finds Cary unaffected, and together they use David’s powers to enter Ptonomy’s mind. Each affected person is trapped inside a maze in their mind (see: episode 1 of this season). Ptonomy’s is a glorious garden of peace and quiet. A place where is unburdened of his memories and those of others. Once he’s retrieved they enter Melanie’s mind: a text-based RPG that fulfills her desire to be omnipotent. How heartbreaking was her story of a girl with no dream who meets a boy whose dreams become hers? Very. The answer is very.

The team splits up, David is taken by the monk and shown how his order was driven mad at Farouk attempted to escape his underground grave. Later, Melanie and Ptonomy find the monk telepathically connected to Admiral Fukyama and Vermillion; they all make demands. Division 3 wants the body and the monk wants the weapon they were promised should Farouk escape. Vermillion claims they never had time to make the weapon and Melanie offers up David. He can take out The Shadow King. But the monk doesn’t trust David, and before he can tell everyone that David is working with Farouk, David teleports them both to the roof where the monk kills himself after telling David he ain’t shit. Okay. I paraphrased.

X Files

Next week appears to be entirely in Syd’s mind as David tries to retrieve her from her maze.

Did Cary disappear or fuse into Kerry?

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"Chapter 11"

Starring: Dan Stevens, Rachel Keller, Jean Smart, Audbrey Plaza, Jeremie Harris, Amber Midthunder, Jemaine Clement, Bill Irwin

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