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Lucifer – S3E22 – All Hands on Decker

Previously on Lucifer, “Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better”



For some reason unbeknownst to anyone, Chloe and Pierce are getting married in three weeks. Chloe (kind of) wants the full wedding and Ella wants to throw her a huge raunchy bachelorette party, but Chloe is overwhelmed so she takes a few vacation days to plan, leaving Lucifer to be partners with Dan (more on that later).

Pierce has convinced Maze that his mark is still there and that he’s just decided he loves Chloe and doesn’t want to die, but Maze is determined to go through with their plan. She turns Chloe’s raunchy bachelorette into a sweet bridal shower so she can convince Chloe to be more in love with Pierce because she thinks that’s why Cain’s mark isn’t gone. So, let’s talk about where this premise falls apart. Maze should know that Chloe would never agree to marry someone that she wasn’t fully in love with and that alone should make her suspicious of Pierce.

But (since my theory from last week is proving to be correct), Maze is right that Chloe isn’t as in love with Pierce as she seems. Chloe has a conversation with Charlotte, at the behest of Amenadiel who is still trying to help Luci, about getting remarried and divorce rates and Chloe realizes getting married in three weeks to a guy she’s been in love with for a month is ridiculous and she calls off the engagement.

Oh, the Irony

Lucifer and Dan are partnered up and since Lucifer (like the audience) is trying to figure out why Chloe agreed to marry Pierce, he decides to take on the role of the detective to get into her head. This requires a wardrobe change, driving under the speed limit, and casting Dan in the role of Lucifer. So while Dan struggles to be unpredictable and roguish, Lucifer tries to be the responsible one who solves the case and manages to miss the point every single time he rails at Dan for being irresponsible. He finally has an epiphany when Dan breaks the case and runs off to do that Lucifer-thing where he sits in the dark and surprises the killer but nearly gets himself killed. While yelling at Dan, Lucifer realizes that Chloe has fallen in love with Pierce because he’s stable and reliable. Chloe’s need for stability being rooted in Lucifer abandoning her whenever he’s having daddy issues has been such a great focal point for this season.

One person who comes out on top in this whole thing is Dan. After pretending to be Lucifer for the day, he works up the courage to tell Charlotte that he wants a real relationship with her. And while Chloe has ended her engagement, Lucifer still won’t be truthful with her about the realizations he’s made about his feelings so we’re back to square one.

Grand opening, grand closing. Even though Pierce and Chloe’s engagement is over, he’s still in love with her and now he’s vulnerable to death. Maze wants to complete the plan of killing him and framing Lucifer, but at this point Pierce probably wants to get rid of Lucifer. If there’s any obstacle to his happiness it’s Luci. There are two episodes left and we know Cain/Pierce is destined to die now that his love has made him vulnerable. Maybe Maze can hitch a ride to hell with Pierce since he’s definitely going to do something evil to try to keep Chloe with him.


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"All Hands On Decker"

Lucifer – S3E22 – “All Hands On Decker” | Starring: Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Kevin Alejandro, Rachael Harris, Aimee Garcia, Lesley Ann Brandt, Tricia Helfer guest starring Tom Welling

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