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Marvel & Daewon Evoke the Wrath of Ultron in Avengers K

Always on the edge of innovation and promoting diverse methods of storytelling, Marvel has partnered with manhwa publisher Daewon C.I. to design multiple books featuring a plethora of the American comic giant’s most enduring heroes, written and drawn by Korea’s dynamic creators. This May, the first edition of their ambitious efforts will feature a reimagining of the Silver Age introduction of one of Marvel’s deadliest villains: the psychopathic automaton known as Ultron!

As many are now well aware, Ultron was born from the genius of Hank Pym (not Tony Stark… sorry MCU) and hastily became the world’s greatest artificial intelligence. Unluckily for all, Ultron evolved into an insane robot with dreams of destroying humanity. Knowing he couldn’t accomplish the task alone, Ultron created his Vision and things immediately went from bad to extremely terrible. When all appeared lost, the mysterious Bride of Ultron was made manifest and turned everyone’s world upside down.

Now imagine this legendary Marvel storyline being retold in the colorful and energetic South Korean style of manhwa, as produced by its leading publisher Daewon C.I. Avengers K is intended to be the first book of five created by Marvel’s overseas partner in their endeavor to present their classic characters and unforgettable storylines with exciting international talent deserving of recognition!

“I am thrilled to introduce this brand new comic, AVENGERS K, to a whole new audience,” said InSu Seok Editor-in-Chief, Daewon. “With new panel construction and the use of exciting colors in manhwa style this is a reinvention of Marvel’s most popular comic franchise in a daring new direction.”

David Gabriel, Marvel Senior Vice-President of Print & Digital Publishing also shared his enthusiasm for the historic collaboration. “Marvel’s popularity is growing exponentially throughout Asia – specifically within Korea – which has resulted in a vast catalog of visually kinetic original content. Now, partnered with Daewon, Marvel is poised to introduce the international comic book community a bold reimagining of one of the most iconic Avengers stories ever told through the vibrant and action-packed manhwa format presented for our English-speaking fans for the very first time.”

Avengers K is written by Si Yeon Park and illustrated by Woo Bin Choi with Jae Sung Lee, Min Ju Lee, Jae Woong Lee, Hee Ye Cho, Ji Hee Choi & In Young Lee. The massive 168-page oversized paperback is currently available for pre-order, and will be available for all on May 31!

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