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Outsiders – S2E8 – Healing

Previously on Outsiders, “Home For Supper”

For some strange reason, G’Win feels Big Foster has changed enough to be the Bren’in should she die, which she believes she will. She makes him promise to keep his darkness at bay should he lead. Despite warnings from nearly everyone that it’s a bad idea, Big Foster and a few men follow Hasil down the mountain in order to obtain medicine for G’Win. Enoch is killed when they’re stopped by guards. See? Big Foster is full of bad ideas with enough bodies in his ledger.

Still, when he tries to bait Lil Foster into killing him, his son won’t do it. Big Foster sees Elon again, and the boy whispers something to him before disappearing. After a prayer session, G’Win appears to be healed.

Images: WGN

Images: WGN

Meanwhile, Hasil and Sally Ann begin to buckle under the pressures of their circumstances. She needs him around more than he has been, and he still feels a responsibility to his people. She gives him an ultimatum, and when she returns to their home the next day, Hasil is still there. He’s not going to abandon her and their child, but Wade has warned him it’s not safe to be a Farrell walking around town. Thanks to Frida, Hasil finds a new look. It’s… interesting. But his new street clothes turn Sally Ann on so it’s not all bad.

Outsiders - S2E8 - Hasil

It’s been clear that Gordon will do whatever it takes to stop the coal company’s plans for Blackburg, and this week we see just how far that is when he seduces Haylie (after apologizing for throwing coal on her) and then steals her computer files. Ledda has to tell her children about her cancer after she gets sick at her daughter’s school.

Outsiders still makes for compelling television, but I’m no longer satisfied with the ambiguous handling of the supernatural elements on the mountain or the clan politics. In the short time that G’win was Bren’in, she made poor decision after poor decision. And what has Big Foster done, exactly, to earn her trust? Here’s to hoping it’s all leading somewhere as interesting as season one’s storylines.

Outsiders S2E8
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Starring: David Morse, Joe Anderson, Gillian Alexy, Ryan Hurst, Kyle Gallner, Christina Jackson, Thomas M. Wright

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