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Podcast Fandom Episodes 2 & 3: Summer Movies, Dexter, and Breaking Bad

We thought we were recording episode 2 last night, but we ended up splitting it into two shows because when it comes to Breaking Bad, we tend to talk a lot.

Both shows are now available for download.

We have solved the problem we experienced in episode 1 for those of you listening via headphones. You’ll no longer have John whispering sweet nothings in one ear, while Nina and Meghan breathe heavily in the other. You’re welcome.

If you’re picking up what we’re putting down, please leave us an iTunes review. It will help us find new listeners and we really appreciate it.

Episode 2: 2013 Summer Movies / Dexter S8E10 ‘Goodbye Miami

Episode 3: Breaking Bad S5E13 ‘To’hajiilee’


If you missed episode 1 in which we discuss the upcoming fall 2013 TV season, click here.

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8 Comments on Podcast Fandom Episodes 2 & 3: Summer Movies, Dexter, and Breaking Bad

  1. I didn’t mind the scene when they’re talking to each other on the phone and Walt’s driving AS I watched it the first time. After listening to a couple of podcasts and reading, and hearing that it was green-screened, the second viewing pissed me off because of everything you’re talking about.

    Also, we all assume they needed the coordinates and tracing of the call, but they could have been following him with rotating tails and we wouldn’t have known. Right? Maybe?

    • Yeah, I think forcing him to stay on the call was a multi-layered plan, so they could have traced it, or they could have just followed him, or both.

      • Someone on the Bald Move asked about needing a judge’s orders to tap/wire/trace a call, so it made me really question the validity of it.

        Y’all are talking about the shootout now. What bothered me is that they cleaned Declan’s guys’ clocks in a matter of seconds, but they couldn’t tag Hank and Gomez. Then again, there was cover available for both of them and the camera angles kind of showed them close enough that it’s plausible they reached the vehicles. I mean, we don’t know how much time passed. I bet Gomez was hit.

        I think they’ll all three be dead and Walt may be shot as well.

    • I think they need him on the phone for two reasons: 1. to track his cell phone. If he’s talking on it, then he can’t remove the battery. and 2. to keep him from calling for backup AND taking a good look at that picture.

      • No, I think you’re right. There are people who are thinking they couldn’t have tracked him via his phone without a judge signing off. I don’t think that’s necessarily what they were doing with keeping him on the phone, although it is highly implied. Maybe they PATRIOT Act’ed their way to triangulating his ass, though.

        It was mainly the green screen that bothered me. When I watched it in the moment, I didn’t care. After they told me it was fake, I watched it again and was so pissed at how fake it looked. His glasses, for example, reflected a lamp and darkness instead of the road in front of him. It was just terrible.

        Now, I just have to figure out how they plan on making me not like Walt. They really brought him back at the end of last season. While he was condescending and cocky (“Because I said so” and “You’ll do it because that’s what I’m paying you to do” with that look on his face), he was losing me and I started to root for Jesse and Hank. Not anymore.

        • The more I think about it, making him stay on the phone was about making sure he couldn’t look at the picture or call anyone for help/backup.

          They were probably outside the car wash, waiting for him to leave, and just tracked him the old fashioned way: they followed him.

    • Which other podcasts were you listening to? I can’t wait for Bald Move’s show tonight.

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