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The Walking Dead – S9E1 – A New Beginning

Previously on The Walking Dead, “Wrath”

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If you’ve been waiting for The Walking Dead to spend more time exploring what rebuilding the world entails and less time on numerous side missions that make little to no sense, then season nine may be for you. With their biggest threat to date (Negan) neutralized, Rick and company have spent the past year repairing Alexandria, strengthening their existing communities, and incorporating Oceanside and The Sanctuary into their operations. They have clear communications and processes, and not one person wandered off without telling anyone where they were going. That’s called growth.

It’s like a whole new show.


It’s nearly back to normal after being burned to hell by the Saviors. Michonne and Judith paint on their front porch and then go for walks with Rick. Father Gabriel is walking around blind in one eye and wearing a really big hat. He looks like he’d be ringing a bell and warning of the end times if they weren’t already here.

The Kingdom

Carol and Ezekiel are boo’d up and he wants to make an honest woman out of her. She’s hesitant since it is the zombie apocalypse and good shit never lasts. In case you thought this time might be different, by episode’s end Carol leaves to live at The Sanctuary for awhile to lead there in Daryl’s place. This means that either she or Ezekiel won’t make it to season ten.

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The Sanctuary 

Negan may be cooling his heels in an Alexandria cell, but his presence is still felt at his old stomping grounds. For one thing, Daryl’s in charge and everything about the way he carries himself lets you know he’s not really here for the reformed Saviors. For another, a hidden group of Saviors still loyal to Negan leave not-so-cryptic messages on the walls.

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Dying crops are bad for morale and Rick sees it as nothing more than that, but Michonne warns it could be bigger.

Considering one of the Saviors giving Daryl major stink-eye and attitude is Justin, played by Zach McGowan, Michonne is probably right. Nine times outta ten, that guy is playing an asshole.


Of all the communities, Hilltop is prospering the most. With the help of the plans they were given last season and Maggie’s knowledge of framing, they’re thriving. She’s their official leader after winning an election that Gregory (Xander Berkeley) suggested. That was most likely the last decent thing he did.

When they lose a young man on a mission to obtain farming equipment in D.C., his parents take the news hard. In the few moments he was onscreen before being bitten, Ken seemed like a good kid, but he had red shirt written all over him. It’s the performances delivered by John Finn (Earl) and Brett Butler (Tammy) that really connect you to the loss of a character we barely knew. Losing their child was hard enough, but losing him to obtain equipment for The Sanctuary is too much to bear. Maggie is banned from attending Ken’s funeral, and Gregory seizes the opportunity to ply the grieving parents with alcohol and whisper suggestions of revolt in Earl’s ear.

They waste no time and Maggie is attacked that night after being directed to Glenn’s grave by Gregory. Earl is unmasked as the attacker, but Gregory is the one who pays the iron price. The execution is carried out by Daryl and in front of visiting Michonne and Rick.

The message is clear: Maggie is no longer here for the shits.

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Bits & Bites

I can’t remember the last time this show had a group mission that was both necessary and executed with a solid plan. A trip to a museum for seeds and farming equipment makes a lot of sense, and even though we saw the cracked glass for collapsing the moment it appeared, it was still effective. They needed the equipment and there was no other way around. When our group finds themselves in peril without being stupid to get there, we care a lot more. So, even though no one really thought Ezekiel would die, it was still a terrifying predicament.

Maggie’s baby Herschel is at least four months old, but Judith has barely aged.

What did you think of the premiere? Leave your thoughts below or on our Facebook post for this review and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast. 

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"A New Beginning"

The Walking Dead – S9E1 – A New Beginning

Starring: Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira, Lauren Cohan, Melissa McBride, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Norman Reedus, Alanna Masterson, Josh McDermitt, Christian Serratos, Seth Gilliam, Ross Marquand, Khary Payton

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9 Comments on The Walking Dead – S9E1 – A New Beginning

  1. Sup fam!! Hey Nina I’ve missed u boo!!! John and Donald y’all my niggas too!! I really enjoyed this episode and honestly I’m very intrigued by the direction they seem to be going!!

    Couple of thots
    1. Why is Gabriel wearing the Quaker Oats mans hat ??

    2. Clearly the nigga without the tiger ? didn’t go to Jared!! I’m glad carol didn’t say yes to a proposal until she talked to her other nigga first!!

    3. I love everything about Maggie except her choice in child names!! I ain’t callin no baby Herschel, at least go by his middle name Steven or something(I don’t kno if that’s the middle name but I like it more than Herschel) also when she hung Gregory it felt like Wells was telling me how to phase through walls!!

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the pod, and man I felt rusty leaving feedback!!!

    • Welcome back Devin! Missed u! Hope u r feeling better!

    • Aww thanks still a long way to go

    • For the podcast:
      Overall I thought episode was good. Maggie handing Gregory that old style justice was intriguing-they should’ve feed his skanky ass to the walker herd months ago.

      Rick looking like the old man of the mountain yet better than that greasy haired crazed look of seasons past (yet I think he’s still wearing the same boots)?
      Richonne still going strong❤️. So is King E & Carol though I’m not feeling that connection yet. I thought he was the major character that was to be killed.

      Who are all these new people? I had a brain fart for a sec-I forgot about all these communities?. I barely recognized Janis/Anne , Brett Butler but I noticed Justin, the pirate who was on black sails?.

      I have 2 agree w/Devin(yay-welcome back!!!) re Maggie’s baby’s name-I understand naming him after her dad but doesn’t Glenn Herschel Rhee sound better than Herschel Rhee?

      That’s my feedback for this week; glad 2 b back!!

  2. This episode was utter bullshit.

  3. Better writing, last year almost killed the show

  4. Definitely better than usual… Daryl and Michonne spoke more in this one episode than they have in 2 years … but Maggie is scaring me – I guess that’s what happens when your pregnancy lasts 18 months and you never grew a belly .. love your podcast

  5. No clue if this is late but here’s my feedback.

    I didn’t hate it but I still can’t see how they’re gonna fix all these years of bullshit.

    Loved the Richonne sexy times. And the family times for that matter. Is that a new Judith?

    Maggie is not to be fucked with. And Gregory stayed instigating till the end. Hope that doesn’t come back to hurt Maggie. And I’m curious to see how this all plays out. Do you think she’s gonna be the cause of Rick’s death?

    That’s it! Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  6. The best part about this show being back is this podcast.
    The good: Bye Gregory, you trash ass man.
    The bad: Dragging that useless heavy ass Oregon trail wagon across a glass floor with a zombie pit beneath it.
    The best: Baby Judith had some lines. And she called Rick grumpy and fat. Lol.
    That’s all from me. I adore you all, I’m so glad I can look forward to the podcast!

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