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ProWrap: Secret Career Supercommandos

ProWrap consists of quick reviews of the television shows we don’t cover with full reviews or podcast episodes during the week.

Secrets & Lies – S2E5 – “The Daughter” | Sundays at 9pm | ABC

The only person who seems to be on the up and up (so far), is the prime suspect in his wife’s murder. Everyone else? Shady af. And every story, every explanation has an extra twist to it. Danny is not only an NYPD detective looking for his daughter, but she ran away because his partner had been molesting her for years. However, he dipped out on testifying against a criminal to find her, so there’s a warrant out for his arrest and if Cornell doesn’t arrest him, that’s her ass. Neil finally quits after getting tired of his best friend asking if he killed his wife.

Eric and Patrick take a road trip to Boone to dig into Kate’s past. They have the unfortunate task of telling her estranged mother she’s dead, and then Eric hears all about how 16-year-old Kate slept with her mother’s boyfriend, who is also the father of the son she gave up for adoption. I need to note that I couldn’t tell who was throwing more shade: Eric talking about how no one in the family likes Patrick’s wife, or the two of them speaking of Boone like it is the armpit of the country.

At this point, it’s clear Eric didn’t kill his wife, but it could honestly be anyone else we’ve met because everyone is a lying liar who lies. I’m not sure I even care who the killer is; I’m just tuning in each week to see how many secrets Kate was keeping. Grade: C ~ ProFan Nina 

Images: ABC

Images: ABC

This Is Us – S1E6 – “Career Days” | Tuesdays at 9pm | NBC

If you thought an episode dedicated to work struggles wouldn’t make you cry, you’ve clearly not been paying attention. This Is Us will break you, and you will love it.

Jack takes an office job he doesn’t really want in order to bring in more money. When they learn Randall is gifted and would be better served at a private school, Rebecca and Jack debate the merits of letting him go. Jack is afraid he’ll stand out even more, and it’s apparent Randall already does things (like purposely get Bs on exams) in order to not outshine his siblings. This is juxtaposed with present-day Randall feeling hurt when his girls would rather have William speak at their school’s Career Day because he was a musician and Randall has a boring, hard-to-explain job.

It’s an extremely touching moment when Randall tells his family he’s happy to put on a tie everyday after watching his dad do it even though he hated it. Jack gave up his plans of starting his own business to remain in his office job and afford Randall’s tuition.

We also get a little more insight into how trying to live up to their parents’ expectations or simply be like them put a strain on Kate’s current relationship with Rebecca, and caused Kevin lots of anger after Jack died.

Each week, this family feels like people you want to know. And hug. And feed hot soup and filling sandwiches and pat their hair when they’re sad. I love them. Grade: A- ~ ProFan Nina

Images: NBC

Images: NBC

Elementary – S5E4 – “Henny Penny the Sky is Falling” | Sundays at 10pm | CBS

While investigating the murder of a quantitative analyst, Holmes and Watson plummeted down a rabbit hole that constantly shifted their theory on the motive for the victim’s demise. Initially believing it had to do with an irate corporate head, Sherlock followed the smallest crumbs to a expansive conspiracy involving the entire aerospace industry and the standard practices of asteroid detection. Regrettably, Sherlock sought aid from one of his snooty schoolmates (Owain Yeoman) to gain semblance to the implications of the victim’s research. Meanwhile, Captain Gregson (Aidan Quinn) was set to receive a commendation for his squad, much to Holmes’ chagrin. In learning about the infinitesimal odds of a massive extinction event despite the multitude of astral bodies that whiz by our planet, Holmes’ current case affirms his stance that accolades and platitudes are insignificant in the end. Watson countered his argument and ultimately swayed Sherlock – who has become increasingly insular – to her point of view that recogniton of their work, of the entire police squad, is essential in the greater scheme of things. Though Holmes made huge strides in confiding with Joan, he must press on and be open to the notion that his colleagues are capable detectives in their own right. Grade: B+ ~ProFan Rex

Photo: Michael Parmelee/CBS

Photo: Michael Parmelee/CBS

Star Wars Rebels – S3E6 – “Imperial Supercommandos” | Saturdays at 8:30 | Disney XD

After losing communication with the Mandalorian stronghold that is Concord Dawn, Phoenix Squadron sends Sabine, Ezra, Chopper and their reluctant ally Fenn Rau (voiced by Kevin McKidd) to reestablish contact. Now under the control of the Empire, a rival clan led by Viceroy Gar Saxon (Ray Stevenson) overlooks Concord Dawn and eliminated Sabine and Fenn’s band of hunters under their new Imperial authority. Although Mandalorians were first popularized by the brief action sequences and bad-ass duds of one Boba Fett, not much had been established on the culture that spawned a whole planet of unruly mercenaries until the arrival of the animated series. Though “Imperial Supercommandos” didn’t tap deep into the well of Mandalore politics and warfare like its predecessor The Clone Wars, Rebels added a new layer of intrigue by revealing the unceasing influence of the Galactic Empire among even its most defiant subjects. Still, the episode itself was fairly straightforward yet saved with an action-packed third act. Everywhere they turn this season, Phoenix Squadron is finding all their paths blocked thanks to the peerless strategy of one Grand Admiral Thrawn. Grade: B- ~ProFan Rex


Image: Disney/Lucasfilm

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