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ProWrap: Hail to the Grief

ProWrap consists of quick reviews of the television shows we don’t cover with full reviews or podcast episodes during the week.

Timeless – S1E2 – “The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln” | Mondays at 10pm | NBC

The team travels back to the night of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. Flynn plans to assist Booth’s co-conspirators in their failed attempts to kill General Grant and another government official.

The second episode handled racial issues much better than the first. When Lucy suggested that Rufus stand outside and not make eye contact with any white people back in the 1930s, I rolled my eyes so hard I almost fell off the sofa. Here, Rufus has a run-in with black soldiers who are optimistic about their futures in America now that the war is won and slavery is abolished. Of course, Rufus knows it’s not going to be that simple for black folks and tries to warn them of this without compromising the mission. He also struggles with wanting to warn Lincoln about the shooting. It was a painful dilemma that the show handled with more finesse than displayed in the premiere.

Mission completed, the team returns home where Lucy learns why she no longer has a sister. The man she thought was her birth father isn’t. She is about to confront her mother with this information, but she’s interrupted by the fiancee she didn’t know she had. Also, Rufus continues to spy on the team for something called Rittenhouse, though he does so reluctantly. Grade: B- ~ ProFan Nina

(Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)

(Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)

This Is Us – S1E3 – “Kyle” | Tuesdays at 9pm | NBC

This Is Us has proven in just three episodes that it will not shy away from tough topics. This week, Rebecca struggles to connect with baby Kyle (Randall). On top of feeling guilty for constantly thinking about the baby they lost, she feels rejected by Kyle because he’s the only one not latching on when she tries to nurse him.

In present day, Randall introduces his mother to William and we learn they’ve met before. Rebecca reached out to him shortly after bringing the babies home and made him promise he wouldn’t try to contact them. She worries that Randall will be angry if he knows the truth, but William swears he won’t reveal their secret.

Once Randall’s doctor confirms Williams’ cancer is beyond treatment, he decides to focus on getting to know his father with whatever time he has left. Little does he know, his very name comes his father’s favorite poet after William gave Rebecca his book. They’ve shared a connection all this time.

Kate’s connection to Kevin threatens to ruin her relationship with Toby. As her brother’s personal assistant, she’s used to taking care of his every need. As his twin sister, she’s used to being there for him whenever he needs – and this includes when she’s about to have sex with Toby for the first time. It’s thanks to Toby that she (and Kevin) realize they need to cut the cord and spend some time apart.

Not only is the writing touching and poignant, but everyone is turning in fantastic performances with Mandy Moore and Sterling K. Brown shining the brightest. Grade: A+ ~ ProFan Nina

Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

Lethal Weapon – S1E4 – “There Goes the Neighborhood” | Wednesdays at 8pm | FOX

This series has advantage over the film on which its based. They have the time to not just slowly develop the relationship between Murtaugh and Riggs, but also Riggs’ grieving process over losing his wife and unborn child, and they have the time to flesh out a few of the supporting characters which makes it a richer experience all around.

This week, the growing friendship between the partners – and Riggs and Murtaugh’s family – hits a speed bump when Roger Jr. calls Riggs to pick him up after he’s abandoned after joyriding. Even though Junior told his mother about the joyride and about getting pulled over by the cops, Murtaugh still takes exception to his son calling “the fun uncle.” He’s worried about what could have gone wrong with two young black men being pulled over by a white cop while driving a nice car; something Riggs never has to consider. While Murtaugh’s reaction was a bit much (calling Riggs out for not having someone to love… really, Roger?), this conflict was needed to force Riggs to realize that they’re both cops, but as a black man, Murtaugh navigates a very different environment.

The case of the week was a good one and also connected to RJ’s friend, Marcus, who was forced to participate in a home invasion ring targeting victims who use a valet service. Grade: A ~ ProFan Nina

CR: Ray Mickhaw/FOX

CR: Ray Mickhaw/FOX

Designated Survivor – S1E4 – “The Enemy” | Wednesdays at 10pm | ABC

Governor Royce plays himself by kicking up his anti-Muslim shenanigans in Michigan and punking President Kirkman again. Emily is sent to meet with him, and through some savvy political maneuvers gets him to agree to a sit-down with Kirkman. When they arrive in Washington, Kirkman has Royce arrested for treason. He also fires Cochrane and prepares for war. Kirkman is certainly turning into a better political animal in his new role.

While Emily is questioning what happened to the man she used to work for, Seth moves up the ladder as well as he’s tapped as the new Press Secretary. He’s aware part of the reason he’s asked is because he’s Muslim and it would look good to have a Muslim face in the administration, but he eventually agrees to take the job when Kirkman assures him he’s the best man for it.

Alex flexes her First Lady muscle as well, and gets a favor from Kimble to help an old client from being deported. She’s sure to regret that decision. Hannah learns that the sole survivor of the attack is hiding something. Grade: C ~ ProFan Nina

Image: (ABC/Sven Frenzel)

Image: (ABC/Sven Frenzel)

Star Wars Rebels – S3E4 – “Hera’s Heroes” | Saturdays at 8:30pm | Disney XD

This week, the crew of the Ghost are on Ryloth to support the Twilek resistance now that the Empire occupies more of the planet. “Heroes” evidently centered on Hera Syndulla (Vanessa Marshall) and her family’s legacy that is now threatened by Grand Admiral Thrawn (Lars Mikkelsen). The episode introduced a bit of Twilek culture lore in the form of the Kalikori, a ritualistic totem inherited down the generations. Fortunately, the item is hidden in plain sight – though it resides in the deepest recesses of Imperial territory. Its significance is enough to warrant a retrieval mission, which gives viewers a taste of Thrawn’s superior intellect and mastery at strategem. It’s apparent to even the casual fan that the Grand Admiral will be a chronic burden to Phoenix Squadron all season – if not longer. If Disney is willing to institute arguably the greatest character in the ‘Legends’ catalog into canon, it’s more than likely Thrawn’s future in Rebels will be a prosperous one. Sorry, Alliance! Grade: B ~ ProFan Rex

Image: Disney XD

Image: Disney XD

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