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Twin Peaks: The Return – Part 6

Previously on Twin Peaks, “Part 5”

Confession: I damn near quit this series after this episode. Watching a young boy get run over by a speeding car and then watching as his mother cradled his dead body was too much. And I watch Game of Thrones. Then we got the brutal murder of several women in an office building; the squelching sounds as the ice pick penetrated their flesh won’t soon leave me. I’m not usually this put off by graphic violence on television; I watch Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, but the nature of Twin Peaks means I may not discover why these things happened until much later in the season. As it stands now, I’ve been traumatized and I don’t yet know why.

I never pretend to 100% understand what the hell is going on in this show, and this week is no exception.

Twin Peaks 

Richard Horne gets his feelings hurt during a drug deal with Red (Balthazar Getty) and races away in his truck. This is when he mows down a little boy while the helpless mother watches from the sidewalk. Horrified onlookers stand about, and only Carl (Harry Dean Stanton) walked into the street to offer the mother comfort. Richard never stopped, but makes eye contact with a local named Miriam. Miriam might want to get the hell out of town.

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On the investigation front, Hawk finds pages from a notebook tucked into the hinge of a stall door in a bathroom.


Cooper as Dougie is still out of it and still being yelled at by Janey-E. The men he owes money to send photos of him and Jade to Dougie’s house. Dougie smiles when he sees them. “Jade gives two rides.” Janey-E is less amused. She takes control of the situation by arranging a meeting with the goons at a playground. She hands over what Dougie truly owed (about $20K) and tells them they’re shit out of luck on the interest. They’re impressed, but I doubt it’s over so easily.

Even if that is squared away, “Dougie” has other troubles. A hitman named Ike takes out Lorraine (who ordered the failed car explosion hit on Dougie) and two others in her office building. The murders are so brutal he bends his weapon — an ice pick — and seems more affected by that than taking lives. Dougie and Janey-E are most likely his next stop.

Diane, At Last

The biggest moment in the episode came at the end when Agent Rosenfeld meets with the person I assume will be able to sniff out if BobCooper is truly Dale Cooper, Diane (Laura Dern). This is a reveal more than 20 years in the making. Prior to this, Diane was the recipient of Dale’s recorded notes. She’s the first person he told about the amazing trees and delicious pie in Twin Peaks. Hopefully, her arrival will speed up the process of getting the real Cooper back, and maybe even provide some clarity to the story. Oh, who I am kidding?

Twin Peaks: The Return – Part 6
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"Part 6"

Twin Peaks: The Return – S1E6 – “Part 6″| Starring: Kyle MacLachlan, Richard Beymer, Catherine E. Coulson, Harry Goaz, Michael Horse, Ashley Judd, David Patrick Kelly, Sheryl Lee, Matthew Lillard, Max Perlich, Kimmy Robertson, Russ Tamblyn | Written by: Mark Frost and David Lynch | Directed by: David Lynch

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