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Lucifer - S2E3 - Sin-Eater

Previously on Lucifer, “Liar, Liar Slutty Dress on Fire”

Images: FOX

Images: FOX

The Devil Looks After His Own

When we joined the show, Lucifer had already been living in Los Angeles for a while and although Maze was standoffish when it came to humans, she knew how the human world worked. With the introduction of The Mother (still no official name yet), the writers are going full out with this fish out of water story and it provides a wonderful comedic backdrop to a season that is primarily focused on familial relationships.

Lucifer’s mom is trying to figure out what makes her son tick. She doesn’t understand why he’s helping the police and attraction to Chloe aside, this is a question that the audience has also thought. As we’ve seen in the past, Lucifer’s job as guardian of hell has instilled a great sense of justice and retribution in him. He believes that people who do harm to others deserve their punishment. That’s what makes him and Chloe work as partners. Where they differ is that Lucifer is old-school, fire and brimstone justice and Chloe believes in letting the system work. And as Lucifer’s mom points out, there is a part of Lucifer that enjoys meting out the punishment. So when Lucifer realizes that this week’s case involves someone who is punishing people for humiliating innocents on the internet, he feels likes he’s found a kindred spirit and tracks them down not to stop them, but to find out why they punish.


The deaths this week were particularly gruesome with one man being burned alive, starting with his balls, and another being gagged to death with apples; a historically biblical fruit in keeping with our titular character. The killer is the human resources officer at Wobble, this show’s version of Vine, who basically got tired of seeing the dregs of the internet. When Lucifer asks him why he punishes, the impetus is retribution, but it basically boils down to a guy who didn’t know he liked killing until he did it. Lucifer realizes that it’s not just about punishment but letting the punishment fit the crime so he decides to make his mother live the life of the woman she took. He’s forcing her to be the mother and wife she couldn’t be and truly live the human life she disdains. #plottwist

The Devil Inside

lucifers2e3_the_motherMeanwhile, Maze is determined to stop Lucifer’s mom. Despite her insistence that she’s done with Lucifer she still hangs out at his club and looks after him, which everyone points out. Because she’s petty and indifferent, she goes to Amenadiel expecting him to whisk The Mother back to hell, but Amenadiel is almost fully molted and he’s not feeling particularly generous or obedient when it comes to his father.

Even though they’ve broken up, both Maze and Amenadiel seem to be walking similar paths. Maze cannot let go of her devotion to Lucifer and Amenadiel’s actions, whether obedience or defiance, are dictated by his father. By siding with his mother, Amenadiel is telling his father that he’s fed up but there’s still that smirk to the sky to puzzle out. I feel like (mostly) everything is falling right into The Mother’s lap because God is a horrible dad and she’s picked the right time to come to Earth.

Over in the C plot, Dan is running around the precinct being everyone’s bitch since he got demoted. Chloe shoots him sympathetic looks but she’s still harboring some hard feelings because of what he did and it’s obvious that she doesn’t quite forgive him. This relationship has been simmering so low the fire might as well be turned off. The show seems to be stalled about whether it wants to pair Chloe with Dan or Lucifer, and Dan provided some much needed forward momentum by telling Chloe he thinks they should get a divorce. 

The Devil Is Laughing

“Do not touch the charred crotch!” – Chloe (you know who she was talking to)

“Poor Andrea still hoping Destiny’s Child will get back together” – Lucifer, pointing out that the hapless Wobble workers still have hope

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