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Ms. Marvel (2015) #11

Previously in Ms. Marvel #10

Ms. Marvel #11 | Writer: G. Willow Wilson | Artists: Takeshi Miyazawa & Adrian Alphona | Colorist: Ian Herring | Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna | Cover Artist: Cameron Stewart


If there’s one thing we know about Kamala Khan it’s that she will do the right thing; even when the hard thing is the right thing, and it doesn’t get much harder than betraying your mentor.

While her best friend is in injury, fighting for his life, Kamala sets in motion her plan to prove to her former cadets and Captain Marvel that their predictive justice endeavor is a dangerous one. Hijinx, as instructed by Kamala, thinks about detonating bombs and waits to be arrested with a fake detonator in hand. Basic Becky takes the bait and attempts to apprehend him for what he might have done. Of course, you can’t trust a bad guy, especially an incompetent one. One explosion and a showdown between Kamala and Becky later, Carol Danvers arrives to clean up the mess.


Kamala summoned her just so she could see the fallout firsthand. Unfortunately, Carol is not swayed. She relieves Becky of duty, having her detained for her own crimes, and warns Kamala that she’ll be overseeing the implementation of predictive justice in Jersey City. Kamala assumed this would be the case and called in backup.

From the moment Tony Stark stuck that hero landing, Kamala knew her relationship with Captain Marvel would never be the same. Carol reaffirms her commitment to using Ulysses to prevent crime and leaves without another word. The blood of heroes are on Carol’s hands and now she’s lost her pupil, the hero who carries her namesake. There doesn’t seem to be anything that can stop her efforts.


Kamala may have seen the light, but it doesn’t erase the damage she caused to her relationships with her friends, especially Bruno. He’s out of surgery, expected to recover, though he plans to go to Wakanda to heal and further his studies. And he doesn’t want anything to do with Kamala.

With Kamala’a arc with Civil War II complete, it appears she’ll be doing some soul searching of her own. She needs to figure out who she is without Carol at her back, and sadly, without Bruno at her side. It won’t be easy, but Kamala has already established she’s willing to do the hard thing.


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