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Supernatural - S12E5 - The One You’ve Been Waiting For

Previously on Supernatural, “American Nightmare

Supernatural - S12E5 - “The One You’ve Been Waiting For” | Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Mark A. Sheppard, Misha Collins | Writer: Meredith Glynn | Director: Nina Lopez-Corrado

Photos: Dean Buscher/The CW

Photos: Dean Buscher/The CW

After the first four episodes were used to establish the dual narratives that’ll dominate most of season twelve, “The One You’ve Been Waiting For” was a respite of sorts, injecting a healthy amount of humor in a mostly downbeat opening arc while tying up loose ends from seasons past. Absent are any references to Lucifer, Cas and Crowley and the Men of Letters as The Thule Society was front and center, once more quietly attempting to assert their dominance in a volatile world.

Even though these seemingly unending (yet easily disposable) Nazi zombie warlocks keep turning up like a bad penny, their end may finally be nigh. Sadly, these jackholes won’t go out without a fight and after scouring the world for decades, the Thule found the artifact that could turn the tides of power in their favor. Well, it could have… but it didn’t. Because Dean Winchester, baby!


The premise of “Waiting For” was fairly straightforward but peppered with a few campy moments (odd considering they all involved Nazis) that gave the episode’s supporting cast a great deal of weight in the outcome of the case. Additionally, writer Meredith Glynn was able to establish a generous helping of depth to the youngest players, both of whom wanting not a single thing to do with secret societies and the sinister lifestyle of the occult. Nevertheless, it is literally and figuratively in their blood and by episode’s end, both must come to terms with the paths they chose.

Thanks to a pair of old coots spontaneously combusting during a shady antiques deal, Sam and Dean rushed to Ohio to see if any witches, demons or dragons were responsible. Little did they expect to find a band of tightly-clenched immortal nationalists lurking downtown Columbus for a cursed pocket watch and a young woman that appeared to have nothing to do with their global operation.

supernatural-s12e5-ellie-grantAfter a quick call with Aaron (Adam Rose) who was doing his part to clean house in Germany, the guys learned why the Society were Stateside immolating folks left and right: The Thule were preparing for a ceremony code-named Das Blut. Soon after, it didn’t take long for Sam and Dean to become acquainted with Ellie Grant (Allison Paige), a slightly manic victim that survived the Thule’s latest assault. The brothers attempted to ease her into the world of the arcane and ominous, however Ellie’s threshold for the unbelievable had already reached its limit for the day. It’s bad enough she witnessed her tinder date turn to ash a few hours ago… you can’t go on and tell her Satan exists on the same damn day.

Yeah. Right. Next you’ll be saying there are vampires and werewolves, and you have an angel in your pocket. pfft!

The bad luck kept rolling in for Ms. Grant as her true destiny and heritage were revealed: she’s the great granddaughter of the world’s most infamous genocidal despot, Adolf Hitler. And… AND! That pocket watch the Thule acquired? It contained Hitler’s soul and if Das Blut went according to plan, its essence would soon inhabit Ellie. Talk about being dealt a bad hand. Though Grant could at times grate your nerves with her anxious rambling and flighty demeanor, Ellie proved she could hold her own after suddenly being thrust in the decades-old feud between a kabbalist sect, a pair of hunters and a cult of fascist necromancers hellbent on restoring Nazism in the world.

supernatural-s12e5-nauhausIn this go-around, Thule leadership rested in the hands of Commandant Nauhaus (Gil Darnell) and his borderline incompetent son Christoph (Keenan Tracey). It’s clear from the lack of initiative among the dwindling practitioners that the Thule are on their last legs and Nauhaus’ last-minute decision to become the vessel for Hitler was a plan of last resort. Oddly enough, the third act of the episode was more satisfying than one would expect as the Winchesters - and Ellie - dispatched the last of the Society’s top leaders with some ridiculously accurate head shots. As for Hitler… his reign finally came to an unceremonious end, thanks to Dean’s hand. The man did God’s work (he should know… they’re practically besties) and deserves all the pie he can stomach.

With the Thule story line near its conclusion, hopefully we’ll see Aaron and his golem, Ellie and yes, even Christoph sooner rather than later and cinch it all for good. Still, whenever that arc ends, the potential of these new characters introduced in “Waiting For” is too endearing to pass up. In a show that once had formidable and diverse supporting characters, it’d be nice to see that old tradition renewed with new blood.

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