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The Strain - S3E6 - The Battle of Central Park

Previously on The Strain, “Madness”

The Strain - S3E6 - “The Battle of Central Park” | Starring: David Bradley, Kevin Durand, Corey Stoll, Richard Sammell, Jack Kesy, Miguel GomezRuta Gedmintas, Jonathan Hyde, Natalie Brown, Rupert Penry-Jones

New Zach Was Here

What do you get the kid who has absolutely nothing? His own pet vampire, of course. Eichorst and Kelly surprise New Zach with a feeler who will protect him and tell him if little Timmy falls down a well. When this is your only friend in the world, you know you’ve made some poor life choices, kid.

With Faraldo’s men and Fet’s silver bombs closing in on Central Park, Kelly, Eichorst, and New Zach need to skidaddle. In a moment of probably feeling pretty shitty for getting Nora killed and going off with his vampire mom, New Zach leaves a note for Eph. I imagine it went something like…

Dear Dad,

Strigoi Camp is okay. I don’t get to go out much and a vampire almost killed me, but at least I have comic books. I just want you to know I’m doing fine, and I’m glad I went with mom - even though her hugs are getting super creepy. She got me my very own pet. You never let me get a puppy.


New Zach

Images: FX

Images: FX

The Petty Principle

Fact: If you’re not over your last flame and get a new - even if it’s just a one-night stand you randomly ran into weeks later - you will find a way to flaunt the new one in your ex’s face. It’s just science.

So, when Fet finds out his police escort into the tunnels is the woman he had really unsexy sex with in the first episode, he says they need to swing by his place first to get some stuff and thangs. The awkward encounter does have one positive: Eph and Dutch decide to meet up with the Central Park wrecking crew to test their Microwave Ultra-Neuro Communication Halting Equipment Rays, or MUNCHERs for short.

Chain Gang

Gus takes a new member of their chain gang - a young woman arrested for stealing food - under his wing, knowing she doesn’t have what it takes to survive the tunnels. When she’s about to be forced to check out an area alone, Gus and Angel make their moves and take out the cops with them.

But getting away isn’t easy; Angel is hurt and Gus runs into Fet. He agrees to help them of his own free will and instructs Angel to get the girl to safety.

Gus is so much better when he’s not doing stupid things like feeding his vampire mother his own blood in a doggy bowl and killing innocent cops so his vampire mother can get away to kill. In fact, with the announcement of The Strain’s fourth and final season, I’m a little more forgiving of the I Can’t Let My Mama Go storyline. Here’s to hoping Gus is a proper member of the team very soon.


Setting a Trap

Central Park ain’t that damn big, but for some reason it takes Fet all damn day to get to where they need to go. But first, he finds Zach’s message for his dad and radios this to Eph. Eph heads into the tunnels and doesn’t find Zach, but he finds Eichorst at his utmost pettiest. When a Nazi vampire calls out your shitty parenting, you know you’ve made some poor life choices. Before Eichorst can kill Eph, Dutch comes in for the save and chops off Eichorst’s hand. He decides it’s time to go for real.

Thousands of strigoi converge on all of Faraldo’s checkpoints and the park, making her victory a hollow one.

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4 Comments on The Strain - S3E6 - The Battle of Central Park

  1. See now, that Zach scene almost made me just switch it off. Really? Is he so lonely that he easily accepts vamp-pets? My dude, how do you think they feed? 😩😩😩😩He deserves to just get bitten. At least Gus is finally back doing something useful. I’ll allow the cop on cop violence. But damn, the guy cop was brutal. Fets bomb was a beautiful work of art. Too bad they got got so it didn’t really matter much in the end. This damn show! Oh and poor Eichorst. All he wanted was the master all up in him. Now his 1 hand status has put him in the swipe left pile.


    Sup guys, 👋🏾 Sarah!!! This episode was crazy and I loved it!! The entire new zach stuff had me like, look at these crazy ass whyte people!! They really gave new zach his own pitbull pup 🐶!!! Then this nigga actually bonds with it?!?! Unbelievable!!! I would’ve been like if you don’t get this reverse ass seeing eye vampire outta my jail room?!?! When he was snuggling with it, my only thought was you do realize this used to be a person probably in the same grade as your ass right?!?

    I’m glad we got new Nora byke, I hope she can redeem herself from that horrible riding 🐎 she did last time!! But was I the only who disnt remember how Gus and fet know each other?!?? Did they meet post or pre his delivery service internship?!?

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear 👂🏾 the podcast!! Love ❤️ u guys and 👋🏾 Sarah

  3. For the podcast:
    I really enjoyed this episode despite no 😍uinlan. I found it exciting & entertaining.

    Let’s get zack out of the way: mommy & godfather Eichorst bought him a new pet: a feeler strigoi perhaps 2 keep him from whining about going outside, wanting a watch, wanting daddy…..and zack seemed to enjoy playing fetch, with it,,rubbing its head……what’s wrong w/this picture? I suppose we should give him props for leaving a clue (the book) that he’s alive & well.

    Enjoyed fet & his 1 night stand capt bridges going thru tunnels taking out strigoi b4 destroying the Central Park nest. Fet talks SO LOUD-i thought he would awaken the entire nest prior to the explosion.

    Speaking of the capt, fet brought his side piece home & Dutch was giving her that side eye look-I’m like let’s please move on from fet-Dutch-the ship has sailed-besides she & eph have great chemistry -they work well together.
    Hey we finally get a Gus/angel in action sighting-no mama drama! And he hooks up w/fet-a 1/3 of the strigoi fighting gang are back 2gether again!

    I liked that Dutch got some form of revenge by cutting off eichorst’s hand-did he feed her pineapple w/that hand??ewww!

    Central Park isn’t that big-didn’t the crews spend all day clearing out those tunnels? Meanwhile another group of strigoi congregated & are running wild in Harlem & other parts of the city-like a swarm of roaches!

    That’s all I have for the podcast. 🙂

  4. Forgot to post my feedback. Oops

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