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Vikings: Uprising #1

Vikings: Uprising #1 | Writer: Cavan Scott | Art: Daniel Indro | Colors: Kevin Enhart | Letters: Jim Campbell | Publisher: Titan Comics | Cover: Chris Wahl & Claudia Caranfa


With Uprising, writer Cavan Scott flips the fortunes of our Vikings; Ragnar returns home bloody, with Paris unconquered, and betrayed by his brother Rollo. This is followed by a welcome filled with scorn from Queen Aslaug, resplendent in her wears, ready to point out everyone’s deficiencies while excluding her own. She wields power with the haughtiness of someone who was born into it and told they were special every day. But Lagertha, much like Ragnar, was not born to power and even with how high they have climbed in their society, who they are regardless of status is what earns them the loyalty of so many people.

But after Paris Ragnar isolates himself; even the seer is treated to abuse at Ragnar’s hands when he tries to reason with him. For someone who always comes out on top against all odds, whether physical or mental, this is a major test of wills for Ragnar.


“The God-killers…. They have killed us all…”

But as Ragnar isolates himself, Lagertha recognizes the importance on figuring out another possible solution and being seen by her people. She returns to her stead bringing the news of the failed attack on Paris and announces a journey to the Temple of the Gods at Uppsala, a religious center for norse men. Upon their arrival they find the burnt ruins of the Temple littered with dead and dying priests, leaving Lagertha to wonder who could have desecrated this holy place.


“ This is when we make them bleed.”

Which leads us to a group of slaves at the mercy of a cruel and vile land owner by the name of Alicarl. He thinks nothing of killing the child of a freedman and stealing away his daughter and all his possessions. Alicarl is cruel and violent and it is because of that cruelty his slaves rebel, ruthlessly killing him and his family. With their newfound freedom they decide to fight back, wreaking havoc across the lands, and that havoc is about to land on Lagertha’s lap.


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