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Killjoys – S4E10 – Sporemageddon

Previously on Killjoys, “The Kids Are Alright”

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We’ve reached the end of season four of Killjoys. The cast and crew put together a fantastic season and it’s worth nothing that most SyFy network shows don’t make it past a third season (RIP, Defiance) and Killjoys will make it to season 5.

Having just switched bodies, Aneela’s off-putting saccharine sweetness often reminds me of Drusilla from Angel. Both are characters who, although they might be crazy, have a lot of smarts.

While the boys are not happy she’s back, they are working towards the same goal of taking down The Lady. The green has been a great medium to use in this shows storytelling, providing a flexibility for the writers  to retool the story along the way, especially when it comes to The Lady.

The last place with a bit of green ends up being the armada, and this leads to a standoff between Aneela and Turin, who is still quite mad at her for killing his men. But the J’acobi brothers talk everyone down from the ledge as nothing brings about teamwork quite like the destruction of a mutual enemy.

Each one of the Killjoys goes through a form of memory manipulation in the green. For D’avin, it’s past memories of his fight with Dutch, and for Johnny it’s the love he failed to save, Pawter. When Pawter reappears, Johnny almost makes the decision to stay if not for D’avin and Dutch appearing with dual looks that said “Not today!”

My favorite this season, Mayko Nguyen, was back to play her part as The Lady. As Delle Seyah, she’s plenty scary but as The Lady, another layer of creepy and frightening is added on.

There was also a fight scene that only served to show the new trick D’avin can do with his powers, which looked pretty cool… even with his poop face.

One thing I didn’t see coming was Aneela’s double cross.  It seemed as if she’d joined forces with The Lady once more, but all she’d done was buy Dutch enough time to empty the spores into the green goo leading to the collapse of the world of the green.

One complaint I have for this finale: When The Lady was able to knock Aneela unconscious, steal her clothes, and escape from the green. This was riddled with plot holes. It felt like an easy way for the writers to wrap up Aneela’s storyline and it was slightly disappointing.

In Old Town, there’s an outbreak caused by the kids saved by Gared and Pree, and it’s spreading all over Westerly. It’s your standard bio terrorism, but it forces Turin to put the Quad under quarantine. I almost went into shock when Pree started to get sick. (Leave my supporting characters alone, writers!)

Turin tries to negotiate with the Qhreshi lords, but they continue to show their worst sides, having no problem with the death of innocents as it’s good for their pockets. Zeph is able to come up with a cure, but it is at the cost of the memories of not just herself, but those who are sick as well. How this memory loss interacts with the rest of the crew losing their memory remains to be seen, but count me in.

Wrapping up the season, the writers end up pulling a rewrite of sorts. Dutch is with Johnny, D’avin’s a bounty hunter, and Jaq’s a fugitive. With a closing reminiscent of Doctor Who, the rewrite of our Killjoys history, the little girl who is The Lady in our reality, it ends on a note of teasing and curiosity. Could the season have been stronger? Yes, but I think what we got is pretty consistent with the show itself and does continue to deliver.

Where does season 5 go? Hopefully we get a new story to focus on, more quad/Westerly politics and less drama with The Lady. I’ve loved the character progression and growth throughout season 4 and I hope we see more of that for season 5, and, of cause, more of D’avin’s relationship with his son.

Killjoys S4E10 Review Score
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    Performances – 8.5/10


Killjoys – S4 E10: Sporemageddon | Director: Stefan Pleszczynski| Writer: Adam Barken | Starring: Hannah John-Kamen, Aaron Ashmore, Luke Macfarlane, Mayko Nguyen

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