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Killjoys – S4E5 – Greening Pains

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This week Killjoys decided to throw my feelings regarding the J’acobi brothers and Dutch’s love triangle into the trash by having them have sex while Johnny coos over his adorable new nephew. Have we the viewer made up this love triangle solely on our end or is the show setting us up for major heartbreak down the line? I’m not quite sure, but what I am sure of is there is a rapidly growing supernatural baby on board.

I am not surprised that this baby is being aged up, and it wouldn’t be far fetched if they end up sidelining him away at a temple by the end of the season, because, let’s be honest, our Killjoys are not exactly in the safest line of work. Yes, Delle Seyah is still Queen, but she’s also now human with a line of enemies around the Quad.

How cute were the interactions between baby D’avin and the crew?! In order to stop said rapidly-growing baby they seek out one of Pippen’s shady contacts. Lest we forget, Pippen himself is interacting normally with everyone but is infested with a robot spider from The Lady. Silent and deadly bombs thanks to The Lady are everywhere.

Seeking Pippen’s contact soon leads to a cool break in and the discovery that the contact is a human-imbedded artificial intelligence.

Maintaining the main storyline’s momentum, we also catch up with the Hullen armada headed by Fancy and Turin who are currently following a lead on kidnapped children.  …Which of course ends up getting Pree’s man, Garrett, you guessed it, kidnapped.

Between Pippin kidnapping D’avin Jr, and D’avin finally getting to tell his son that he is the daddy, I was all in my feelings. D’avin Jr asking if there was anything to eat shows that he is definitely part J’acobi.

His growth spurt is not just a physical manifestation but an emotional one, throwing everyone on the ship for a loop. From Delle Seyah having to missed the critical points of new motherhood while unconscious, to Zeph worrying about Pippin, and D’avin uttering the words of fatherhood with all his daddy issues—seasons of backstories pay off in episodes like this.

At the halfway mark of the season 4, this show continues to run the viewer through a gamut of emotions that I look forward to. What Killjoys does on a SyFy budget coupled with imaginative storytelling is why it remains enjoyable to watch season after season.

Honorable mention:

Zeph and Pippen’s relation to kids.

Lucy’s conversations with Johnny and Kraven the AI: How much of a twist would it be if Johnny does end up with Lucy?

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"Greening Pains"

Killjoys – S4 E5: Greening Pains | Director: Stefan Pleszcynski | Writer: Adam Barken | Starring: Hannah John-Kamen, Aaron Ashmore, Luke Macfarlane & Mayko Nguyen

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