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The Walking Dead – S8E11 – Dead or Alive Or

Previously on The Walking Dead, “The Lost and the Plunderers”

This episode, much like the characters within it, was all over the place. We’re back to hopping between three to four different locations, but this time all within the same episode. We’re also returning to rehashing plot points and conversations we’ve seen too many times to count.

Gabe’s Purpose

Somehow, Father Gabriel and Doctor Carson are lost. Never mind the fact that Gabriel was part of a multi-faceted attack on The Sanctuary; he has no idea how to get from there to Hilltop. To make matters worse, he has the dubious distinction of being the only one to get sick from being covered in walker innards and the infection is now affecting his eyesight. Despite all of this, he remains piously optimistic while Dr. Carson (a man of science and not so much faith) is pretty sure they’re fucked.

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They stumble upon a house with antibiotics and a map, and when one lucky shot from a nearly blind Gabe saves Carson from walkers, Carson starts to think there might be something to this faith business after all. Unfortunately, they’re caught by the Saviors and Dr. Carson is killed trying to steal one of their guns.

Gabe’s new purpose is to sort bullet casings in Eugene’s new workshop, per Negan’s orders.

Speaking of Eugene, he has a brief moment of panic when Negan comes to him for answers on how Gabe and Carson escaped to begin with. Eugene plays ignorant. Then he asks about the outcome of the Alexandria attack, to which Negan asks why he cares. Eugene assures him he doesn’t. Negan then informs Eugene he’ll finally get to make all those bullets Negan wants. He sets Eugene up in the workshop where Eugene first got the idea, and includes security, a cook, and one of his wives to give Eugene regular massages. Eugene fully embraces his new leadership role and immediately acts like a dick.

His death can’t come soon enough.

It’s Time To Doubt Dwight… Again

Thanks to Savior scouts on the roads, Daryl and the others from the Alexandria sewer are forced to hike through the woods and swamp to get to Hilltop. Tara side-eyes Dwight, and then blatantly tries to get him killed by a walker. When Daryl tells her to cut the shit, she questions (again) why they are trusting Dwight. The former Savior points out, rightfully, that he has proven himself time and again. Also, he’s not only betrayed his former friends, he’s killed a few. Once Negan finds out, there’s no place for him at The Sanctuary. Still, Tara wants him dead and defies orders to get him alone to do the deed.

Dwight saves Tara from the clutches of nearby Saviors by showing himself. He does this despite thinking they might very well shoot him on sight. Luckily for him, the Savior who witnessed his betrayal hasn’t yet made her way home so they buy his story of escape, give him a weapon, and allow him to lead them home.

Even though Tara witnesses this, I’m sure there will be another “Can we trust Dwight” conversation because this show never met a storyline it didn’t like to revisit at least ten times.

New Carl 

New Carl wants to know which one of the imprisoned Saviors killed his brother. Morgan thinks they should tell him it’s the lippy one in the cage, but Carol says he’s just a child. Morgan reasons that he seems to be doing okay with killing Gavin, so maybe he can handle it. Carol really wants Morgan to stop talking crazy pants. Later, after they learn of Carl’s death, Morgan lies and tells New Carl that Gavin is the one who killed his brother and since he already killed Gavin, he can take the bloodlust down a notch or two.

Too Many Mouths to Feed

Rations are low at Hilltop. Since this is literally the day after Maggie killed a Savior to send a message to Negan, and that was about two days after they launched their attack on The Sanctuary, you would think this would have been known and considered when taking in prisoners, but oh well.

The first people to get their supplies cut, of course, are the Savior prisoners. That One Savior Whose Name I Don’t Know, But The Show Wants Me to Think Will Be Important asks Maggie to allow them out a few at a time for some exercise. She says no. TOSWNIDKBTSWMTTWBI wonders why Maggie is being so mean, like they’re not the fucking enemy.

After Daryl and all these new mouths to feed arrive, Maggie changes her mind. They’ll be let out under armed guard, in pairs, for exercise and work. Their rations will be cut, but no more than the sacrifice everyone else is making. I’m guessing she asked herself WWCD, but Carl got himself killed helping someone so…

And, in case you’re confused: Dwight, who has proven himself many times, had to fight for his life (again) and the Saviors in the cage (who have done nothing to earn forgiveness or trust), are given a bit of freedom… for reasons.

Circle Circle, Dot Dot, Hope You Got Your Cooties Shot

Negan decides they’re going to wound the folks at Hilltop with the express purpose of infecting them and not killing them.

I’m here for it. At least it’s something we haven’t seen before.

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"Dead or Alive Or"

Starring: Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira, Lauren Cohan, Melissa McBride, Lennie James, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Norman Reedus, Alanna Masterson, Josh McDermitt, Christian Serratos, Seth Gilliam, Ross Marquand, Khary Payton

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7 Comments on The Walking Dead – S8E11 – Dead or Alive Or

  1. So, what I got from Negan is that he’s suggesting aerosolized zombie, maybe? ? Like take the stuff that Junkyardigan Janis ground up and spray it! Mmmmmmmmmm. Like you said Nina- at least it’s something different. And maybe it will just kill everyone and story over- THE END. ?

  2. i’m calling it right now – TOSWNIDKBTSWMTTWBI will be Maggie’s new love interest. Or they will randomly kill him off, idk …

  3. For the podcast:
    This episode is the perfect example for why I always say no when my parents ask me if i want to go to church with them. Look at what religion did to doctor Carson.

    I wasn’t mad when Gregory suggested evacuation to Maggie. I just wish the writers had her dumbass say something besides “look around, how can we fail’ in response.

    Bitch, y’all been failing since you started. Your husband is dead, Abe’s dead, Sasha-dead, Shiva-dead, CARL-DEAD DEAD. Alexandria-burned up, half of the Kingdom’s population-walkers. What was once three communities have essentially turned into one. And y’all ain’t got no food.
    But sure, let’s keep on feeding the prisoners Jesus selfishly made us take in and while we’re at it, let’s let them out so they have the opportunity to start shit and possibly endanger our people. Makes sense.

    I hate that we have 5 more episodes of this. The audacity.
    That’ s it me for. Can’t wait to hear the podcast.

    P.S., fuck Rosita, this bitch sees Tara acting stupid again and she does nothing to stop it? doesn’t even try. Like what is the point of any of you?

  4. Okay so I’m gonna give everyone the benefit of the doubt because Carl just died, but this episode was trash.

    The only thing that I’m looking forward to is Carol reuniting with Tobin for good.

    Also, Maggie straight up lied about her pregnancy. The fuck?

    And Dwight should’ve said “Martha” to Tara to resolve all of the tension.

    Gabe’s plotline is so fucking dumb. How are you lost?!?

    Finally, Tobin fatherhood is the worst kind of fatherhood, and Judith is gonna end up wearing his mom jeans.

  5. For the podcast fuck gimple guy so this was a ok episode of the walking dead since Negan. But other then that Tara can go and die at this point and God is a lie and didn’t help doctor Carson or father Gab. You sure you can’t just podcast Fear the walking dead it’s a better show

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