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Project Fandom at C2E2 2015

A look at some of the cosplay, panels, and tables at C2E2 2105:

Sean Astin was seated at a viewing area playing video games with some unknown dudes. I was very interested in watching Samwise play, but one of the other guys kept shouting and screaming as he was playing and since he had a microphone attached to his face, it was obnoxiously loud, so I went elsewhere. The schedule said he’d be playing Shadows of Mordor and I really wanted to see it, but again, his companions were unprofessional. I did catch a glimpse of him though. Rudy’s all grown up!

The Marvel booth had a Secret Wars poster and was giving away maps of the universe in the new Secrets Wars, and there was a screen playing a scene from Avengers: Age of Ultron in which Hulk was fighting the Hulkbuster. It was awesome. I can’t wait to see the whole movie.

There were three Secret Wars panels, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I only got to go to one. It was very interesting though. John Hickman, writer of Secret Wars, was there as well as several other writers, artists, and editors. They couldn’t give too much information on Secret Wars, with it being top secret and all, but they did give a rundown of all the new stories coming out. I can’t remember them all, but the ones that sounded the most memorable were: one in which all the Wolverines fight, and one where a psychiatrist lives in a planet filled with Hulks and he has to treat them all. That one sounds hilarious. There will also be Blade fighting Howard the Duck, Ultron fighting Marvel zombies, and ALL the Thors. It’s gonna be a good year for Marvel fans.

I was only able to attend the con on Saturday and I spent most of the time searching out toys to buy and taking pictures of cosplayer. At one point, Thor ran up behind Ultron and The Thing, who were posing for a photo, put his finger to his lips, and then pretended to hit them in the head with his hammer before running way. Neither of them noticed. Probably the funniest moment of the weekend.

As always, the costumes were excellent and the booths were excellent. C2E2 never fails.

Though my my husband does frequently go on rants that the R2D2 which runs around isn’t a “C2E2 R2D2”. He thinks they missed out on a big marketing idea and keeps threatening to write someone a letter.

For more cosplay at this year’s C2E2, check out our album on Facebook.

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