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Lucifer - S1E3 - The Would-Be Prince of Darkness

Previously on Lucifer, ‘Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil.’

The Devil on Your Shoulder 

This week, Lucifer starts off playing the devil on the shoulder of two people. One is a hardworking professional athlete named Ty, who’s also a virgin (where do they make those?), and the other is a random party girl who informs him that someone else is playing the prince of darkness when he tries to introduce himself. Of course, Lucifer’s meddling in the well-meaning virgin’s life leads to a drowned groupie in his pool.

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While Chloe thinks Ty’s the killer, Lucifer wants to make sure they’re punishing the right person but he’s distracted by his imposter, who’s treating up hotel rooms and using his credit card to buy copious amounts of hot wings.

Better the Devil You Know 

Chloe and her ex, Dan, end up using Lucifer to make contact with a Hollywood “fixer” they think may have been hired to fix Ty’s groupie problem, but she offers to fix Lucifer’s imposter problem so two birds and all that. After the usual procedural shenanigans and red herrings, it turns out the killer was Ty’s manager, who wanted to blackmail Ty into staying with his agency. Lucifer also finds his imposter, but stops just short of punishing him, much to Maze’s disappointment. Luci instead saves his wrath for Ty’s manager. He sends that dude through a window.

I love how Lucifer has no problem displaying his powers in front of everyone. As Chloe continues to investigate him, it’ll be interesting to see how she reconciles what she’s seeing and with her lack of belief. 

The Devil Is Laughing: Funniest Lines

“You are like a four-leaf clover and a unicorn had a baby … without having sex of course” – Lucifer, to the virgin, celebrity athlete.

“Do I get a code word? … If so, can it be ‘monkeybottoms’? ‘Cause trust me I can work that into any sentence quite naturally” 

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